Through my passion for baseball, I became a humanitarian. Baseball, like any other sport,  transcends culture, language barriers, and differences and during my first trip to Cuba in 2017, I was able to experience it first hand.  


On a hot summer day, as I was walking home from the beach with my friends, we spotted a baseball field with goats, rocks, and holes yet, to our surprise, kids were playing barefoot and shirtless under the unforgiving Cuban sun. I could not resist the urge to ask if we could play with them.  During this game, I noticed the genuine love and passion the kids had for the game. No one wanted to be anywhere else except playing baseball. It didn't matter if they were barefoot, had no glove, or even a hat. They just wanted to play. 


I reflected on this for months. I reflected on my childhood, we never had to worry about  if we would have cleats to wear, a field to play on, or if there was even going to be a league. This reflection culminated in the creation of the Cuba Baseball Foundation. I am extremely proud and grateful to be able to bring smiles to these children through CBF. It has not been easy, but every effort has been worth it. 


To learn more about our donations and what we have accomplished, please watch the video below;

Cuba Baseball Foundation
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Want to help?

Venmo: @TheChrisMcCormack


A) Donate Equipment (from highest to lowest priority, please 

     use discretion)

    1. Baseballs (leather, not plastic)

    2. Baseball Gloves (any size, any position)

    3. Cleats (any type (soccer, lacrosse, metal, or plastic), any size)

    4. Bats (any size, preferably metal)

    5. Clothes (uniforms, pants, socks, belts, any size)

B) Financial Donation 

Please know, every single penny donated to the CBF is for absolutely no benefit to me. Baggage fees are extremely expensive so I always personally take the trip to ensure delivery as carrier services are not reliable.